During our independent clinical trial, the KitavaMD Acne Skincare Kit began working in as little as two weeks, with the users experiencing an average reduction in total lesions of 46%. This reduction increased to 61% after eight full weeks of regular use.*

While our clinical trial only lasted eight weeks, our doctors recommend that our acne treatment be used on an on-going basis, and expect that results will continue to increase with prolonged use.

*Based on results from our clinical trial. Individual results may vary.


In addition to producing incredibly promising quantitative results, our clinical trial also generated overwhelmingly positive feedback from the participants themselves.  

Over 80% of the participants had experienced verified results using the KitavaMD Acne Skincare Treatment, with 86% willing to recommend it to a friend. Additionally, more than two-thirds of users saying it was the absolute best acne skincare regimen they had ever used. 

Over 2/3 of trial participants said KitavaMD was “the most effective skincare regimen they’ve ever used”*

*Survey responses from trial participants when comparing KitavaMD to all other acne treatments they had previously used


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