5 Biggest Myths About Acne-Prone Skin

When it comes to acne, it seems like there's an endless amount of information and tips swirling around the internet and social media. From "quick fixes" and beauty hacks, to serious treatment plans, it can be hard to determine what's fact or fiction. Worry not, however. We're here to break down the 5 biggest myths about acne-prone skin and give you the real scoop on how and why breakouts occur. 

Myth #1: Acne is only a teenage problem. 

If you're reading this and you're in your twenties or thirties, then you know this isn't the case. While it's common to see breakouts begin to occur in the teenage years, cases for adults, especially women, are on the rise. To keep acne breakouts at bay, try a focused product like our Acne Cleansing Gel, that uses willow bark and tea tree oil to gently, yet effectively, fight breakouts. 

Myth #2: Brown spots left behind on the skin are permanent. 

Anyone who's overcome a pimple or breakout recently can likely attest to a small brown or dark mark that's left behind long after the zit is gone. This is something called post-inflammation hyperpigmentation and we're happy to report, it's not permanent. The inflammation from the breakout leads to changes in melanin deposition, which your body needs to absorb, but in due time it will resolve. If you're looking for help in the recovery process, try a focused product such as our Tea Tree Spot Treatment that reduces the appearance of redness and dark spots. 

Myth #3: Oily skin does not need moisturizer. 

So false! All skin needs moisturizer, whether you fall into the oily or dry category. Hydration is critical to skin health, so if you're more of an oily type, avoid heavy creams and try a light weight moisturizer like our Smoothing Facial Cream, with noncomedogenic ingredients. 

Myth #4: Scrubbing leads to clearer skin. 

While it may seem logical that scrubbing or exfoliating our skin can help with breakouts, it can actually be quite the opposite. Physical scrubs can cause damage to the top layer of the skin and should be avoided. If, however, you can't help yourself, try a gently physical exfoliator once a week or every other week to see how your skin tolerates it. 

Myth #5: Results should be seen immediately with any new product or skincare regimen. 

Not the case. When it comes to skincare results, it's all about patience. Our skin turns over every four weeks and it can take two full cycles for noticeable results. For example, if you're starting the Acne Skincare Kit, we suggest allowing a full six to eight weeks to go through the full process of improvement. 


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